Join us for an unforgettable “rendezvous in an unknown land” in this natural site classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.  Watch birds in this major ornithological site, take a pirogue cruise to discover the mangrove of the delta and observe the monkeys that live there or the dolphins that fish in the delta, accompany local fishermen for a day at sea, discover the African savannah on foot or by cart…or join us for special events such as music, dance, storytelling festivals or to attend Senegalese wrestling tournaments.

The Begue Lodge team has established links with various responsible tourism actors in the region, our priority being to support local economic activity.  There are many escapades to do, on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or in a pirogue. Come and discover the Serer culture but also a rich ecosystem due to its biodiversity.

Our excursions :

  • canoeing in Falia
  • walking tour to the shellfish fields of Falia or Dionewar
  • carriage ride to the crocodile pond
  • picnic at no stress island
  • picnic at the bolong of Niodior
  • walking tour of the mangrove maze in the
  • low marshes of Niodior
  • picnic in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Niodior
  • visit to the traditional chieftaincy in Niodior
  • visit of the guardian of “Ndut” “initiation hut” in Niodior
  • visit of the shipyard in Niodior
  • visit of the transformation center Dionewar, Niodior or Falia
  • visit of the agroecological farm in Niodior
  • visit of the Aquacol station in Falia
  • visit of the vegetable gardens of Niodior
  • excursions by dugout in the mangrove
  • excursions by dugout in the delta
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