Solidarity rural reception in Serer land

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Located on the island of Dionewar, at the exit of the Saloum delta in Senegal, the Begue Lodge offers an authentic welcome on the edge of the ocean, in a very fragile natural environment. Only the sound of the waves and the song of thousands of birds will lull you into this immersive experience in the middle of the African bush.

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Our values

This solidarity project aims to boost the economic activity of local populations, your stay on site will contribute without intermediary to improve the quality of life of people working directly or indirectly in this project.

We attach great importance to the respect of the environment, we commit ourselves to a parsimonious management of the so precious water, to the treatment of waste, to the exclusion as much as possible of plastic.  We are also involved in the implementation of projects to protect the coastline from coastal erosion and climate change.

Finally, having built this project in close collaboration with the inhabitants of the Delta, we invite you to meet their culture, rich in humanity, and to share the meaning of our lives in order to better rediscover its very essence, far from materialistic and consumerist considerations.

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Your eco-tourism experience

  • Water management
  • Autonomous solar electricity production
  • Benefits go directly to local populations
  • Waste management
  • Dynamization of local economic circuits
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What you won't find on site

  • Television
  • Air conditioning
  • WIFI
  • Video games
  • Pollution
  • Hot water
  • The noise
  • Your hair dryer
  • Nutella