Fatoumata, 20/07/22

Begue Lodge is ideally located on the island of Dionewar. The crossing is done in half an hour, by pirogue. We were warmly welcomed by Malick and his wife. A big thank you for their kindness, their good energy and their welcome! 🙂 Thanks also to Aladji for making us discover the beautiful places of the island. We salute the ecological and social intiative of this magnificent place. We recommend +++

Sylvianne, 12/11/22

Beautiful place, very nice and warm welcome. We had the chance to arrive on the day of the long awaited installation of an ecological installation to try to stop the destruction of the coastline by the sea. It was a great moment of mutual help for the hotel team (surrounded by an association, the village chief and the young people of the village) who are very concretely committed to the defense of the environment.
Of course we recommend to pass by this lodge and to spend at least 2 nights there.

Geneviève, 12/11/22

The BÉGUÉ lodge
It’s a place….
Out of time
Out of our time…
It’s a place where we learn to listen again; the wind, the sea, the birds, the night, the day.
It is a place where we share different cultures, where we learn to respect others, where we exchange our knowledge…..
It is a place where we master water and light so as not to spoil anything that is the basis of our lives.
The BÉGUÉ is the joy of being together.

Xavier et Claire (Les Goulous), 19/11/22

Honey as soon as we arrived!

Framed in the shadows

It looks like a beautiful mirage!

No! it is not a mirage

We have seen it, cradled

At the edge of the mirage, we are enchanted.

The joy of living and the Senegalese hospitality

have taken all their meaning in our heart

Anne and Philippe, France 28/11/22

What a pleasure to come back to Dionewar, to find its inhabitants, this so warm welcome, to hear the song of the birds and at the awakening the Gonolecs, kingfishers, kalaos and other animals of the island.

Moment of breathing in this very beautiful place, calm, in front of the sea which calms, even if its advance is worrying for you especially.

Thank you, and may this work for the environment extend.

Jess and melanie, Switzerland 30/11/22

Thank you so much for the local food and the delicious tea.
We really enjoyed the stay and the excursions.
We like the idea of the lodge and support it. We wish you the best for the future.

Martin, Germany 11/12/22

Lodge to be absolutely and highly recommended. A very special experience and a great project, with attention to detail. The accommodation is genuinely based on sustainability and good community orientation. The location is fantastic and the host family around Malik makes you feel like you are staying with friends. If you want to go to the Saloum Delta, definitely stay there 🤩 

Everything was really perfect. We can’t think of anything negative.

Adèle and Max, France 14/12/22
We spent 2 beautiful nights at the Begue Lodge.
We appreciated the calm and the feeling of being alone on the island at the end of the world.
We hope that this place will be preserved from mass tourism and big hotels.

Cécile and Ousmane, USA-Senegal 19/12/22

“Dionewar, we remember
We will remember the completely natural and honest welcome not to mention the human warmth that was reserved for us by Malick, Ndeye Astou, Bintou and Bousso!
Begue Lodge deserves its existence because the social ideal behind this project is more human than capitalist.
Please extend it to the island and to all the tourist sites in Senegal.
See you again?